Getting a legal assistant job with no experience writing the coverletter?

Siera E asked:

Im currently going to school for my paralegal degree..I was almost going to drop being a paralegal b/c it requires so much experience even with a degree once u graduate but I saw this awesome opportunity in the paper for a legal receptionist said paralegal certificate preferred but I have all of the administrative and customer service skills to back it up..what i need to know is how do i write an awesome cover letter but letting them know i dont have a paralegal certificate yet or any experience i’ve only been in classes for 2 weeks now? any suggestions on a awesome cover letter? or maybe i can work on a per diem basis or something I NEED HELP!! if i can get this job i wont quit the paralegal degree b/c by the time i graduate i’ll have the 2years of paralegal experience i need to get a good job
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Which degree would help me find a good job.that pays good? Thank you?

Courtney L asked:

I am about to go to collee in september but i dont know what degree i want to get in to……i have it locked down mainly to electronics and business degree…….

Accounting Administrative Assistant

BA - General Management BA - Information Technology

Business Criminal Justice

Electronic Engineering Technology Electronic Technology

Information Technology Legal Administrative Assistant

Medical Administrative Assistant Medical Assisting

Comparing web site hosting plans before buying one

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Do any of you work with law enforcement? Or have you ever?

Lady_S asked:

What have been your experiences working with law enforcement? I just received my Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, Law and Society from UC Irvine, along with another Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. I’ll be starting law school next year, but I work p/t as a legal assistant for now.

I just got an interview for a Police Cadet position with a local police department, and I’m sooooooo excited!!! Please share any experiences, tips, or advice regarding law enforcement, which you might have!!!
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is a legal administrative assistant the same as a legal assistant/paralegal?

Jamie A asked:

I am trying to figure out what classes I need to take for college to become a paralegal. A major they have in the course catalog is called legal administrative support associate of applied science. In the description it says “The program leading to an associate of applied science degree in Legal Administrative Support provides students with the technical skills and knowledge necessary for employment in a legal office as a legal administrative assistant or legal word processor.” I have done research and saw that a legal assistant is the same as a paralegal. Now this might be a stupid question but I just want to be sure before I spend all this money and time into a degree that wont get me what I want. But my question is, is a legal administrative assistant the same as a legal assistant/paralegal?
Thanks for all your help and answers :)

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What does a legal assistant do?

Scotty asked:

Do I need a particular kind of degree to apply for a job doing this? I’ve worked for my state legislature as a legislative aide (my current job) and have a degree in Finance (which involved taking some classes in law). I don’t know whether I would be qualified for this.

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How much money does a legal secretary make in Canada?

kv asked:

I am studying to be a legal secretary with an administrative assistant degree as well. I’m wondering how much money I will make when I get out to the work force.
I’ve checked out websites that tell you this info… just wondering what actual people have to say about it.

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Need help with a legal assistant resume. Still in college?

Desiree asked:

I need some help putting together a resume and cover letter for a career as a legal assistant. I’m currently going to college to obtain my associates in legal assisting technology, and I would like some experience in the field prior to receiving my degree. What should this type of resume look like, and how much do entry level paralegal positions typically pay?

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I have a para cert&a aas degree in leg/sec studies no experience in legal/general office. how do i geta job?

Jenice C asked:

Hello. I have an associates degree in legal secretarial studies. I graduated last year (june 06) I also have a paralegal certificate. I have been searching since I graduated for a legal secretarial position and still no luck. I am working as an accounts payable assistant and obviously, this is not what I want to do. I plan on staying with this company for a little over a year gain general office experience. Am I making the right decision. Is there anything else I can do? I also have another thing. I was working in a law firm for about two months. I found out about the job through a temp agency. I went on the interview and they hired me. Two months after they fired me. I dont want to keep going through this. I need advice. What should I do???? Since graduation, I have been working through agenies, worked in the law firm and now I have this job. Any advice on how I can really get the job I want?

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Anyone out there a legal assistant?

sweetkiks asked:

I’m going to school for my ‘legal support professional’ assosiate degree. I’ve read a lot about the job duties and its something I think I would enjoy and be good at. I’m just curious to hear about some pros and cons of the job. Also, whats the least amount of annual income a legal assistant would make?

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I am pursuing an occupational therapist and/or assistant degree?

Tayylor asked:

I will be done with the pre-occupational therapy degree this coming december. I currently live in GA but plan on moving to FL after i finish school. If i receive my certification in GA how do i get it in Fl to be able to work there? Will i have to go through college again in fl for it to be legal? I am so confused! Anyone with any information on becoming an occupational therapist and how to get certified please tell me.

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Degree plan Social work vs Legal Assitant?

His mommy-baby sis will be here 1-11-11 asked:

Ok well I was startin a degree plan on social work but was thinking about switchin it to legal assistant just wanted some advice on which of the two would you believe would be a better career

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Does one need a law degree to be a staff attorney assistant?

Chris asked:

I applied for a staff attorney assistant position with my state’s supreme court. It did not mention any specific educational background, but should it be expected that applicants have a law degree or some sort of legal background, such as a paralegal education?

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Will Attorneys hire Paralegals or Legal Assistants with good LSAT scores but no college degree?

La28217 asked:

This may sound silly but I have a family member (really) who possesses a Paralegal Certificate, a Notary License and good LSAT scores but NO College degree, who is seeking a job as a Paralegal or Legal Assistant. However she has no current working experience in the Legal field.

Is she being delusional or is that possible?

So far the skeptics have told her that NO Licensed Attorney in his or her right mind would hire such a person to work as a Paralegal or Legal Assistant under their supervision.

She is planning to enroll in a Community College this year to pursue a Associates degree in Paralegal Studies, but right now she just needs a job.

Could someone please expound on this for me or point me in the right direction? She’s my favorite Niece and I’m trying to help her secure employment.

I appreciate the answers I’ve gotten thus far on the subject. Thanks guys

(I am NOT speaking about the SATs!)

My Niece has earned 62 College credits but she does NOT have a degree. Thus she was qualified to take the LSATs.

I know people who are currently employed as Paralegal and Certified Legal Assistants who attended college but did NOT earn a degree.
I am speaking of REAL Paralegals NOT Legal Secretaries.

So the part about not being able to find work as a Paralegal without a formal degree isn’t true. It appears as though the job requirements depends upon the Law Office or Firm that’s doing the hiring.

If anyone else has more info. or answers they would like to share please do so. At this point I am all hears or should I say, “all eyes”.

Thanks again
Thanks to all of you who have responded to this question thus far.

While your answers were extremely thorough, they were exclusively just YOUR Personal Opinion, versus 100% Facts.

I would like to dig a little deeper on this subject if I may by posing these additional questions:

1) Were you all born working in a Law Firm or did someone hire you to give your “Experience”?

2) Did any of you come out of your Mother’s womb with “Excellent Professional References” or did someone hire you, allow you to prove yourself and than after watching your Work Ethic give you “Excellent Professional References”?

3) How does an applicant for ANY type of job gain experience or earn Excellent References unless someone hires them and gives them the Opportunity to work?

4) How do you explain ALL of the Paralegals and Certified Legal Assistants working in Law Firms and Law Offices across this country who don’t possess a Bachelor’s degree?

Are they just Pretending to be Paralegals?

Please advise.

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